The Adventures of Jack & Dobbie

The Adventures of Jack and Dobbie is a series of six children's books from author Shirley A. Scott. The tale focuses on two Chihuahuas.

Jack's real name is Hijacker, and Dobbie's real name is Diablo. Somehow, the names Jack and Dobbie just seemed like a better fit for the canine companions whom Shirley and her husband Ray have adopted.

With the passage of time, the two Chihuahuas form a bond and embark on a set of adventures that readers both young and old are sure to enjoy.


Jack the Chihuahua

Jack the Chihuahua

Jack has papers that say his real name is Hijacker. He does not really look much like a hijacker, so everyone just called him Jack.

Shirley and Ray's son was all grown up and they were lonely, so they brought Jack home to live with them.

Jack liked the weekends because they stayed home with him, but during the week, the grownups had to go to work. Shirley was the last one to leave every day, and Jack would always follow her to the door with big, sad eyes.

What if Shirley & Ray could find a friend and playmate to keep Jack company?

Dobbie  the Chihuahua

Dobbie was treated badly by his former owners, who finally locked him out of his house in the cold of winter.

He had to live outside on his own for five months, so he hid under trees and ate whatever he could find. Dobbie learned to fear everything, especially wind and thunder.

When Shirley & Ray brought Dobbie home from animal rescue, he was confused by his new surroundings & would not eat. Would he adjust to his new home and his new family?

Dobbie the Chihuahua